In memory of Paul Blair

1942 - 2011

Jazz Memorial, January 30 2012

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Eager to get off the tourist treadmill? Tired of the passivity and impersonality of bus tours? Want to experience the unique color and flavor of New York without being glued to a motorcoach seat?

Guided tours with SwingStreets provide that opportunity. Our walks through New York's most vibrant and historic neighborhoods have special appeal for urban scholars, cultural historians, architecture buffs, music lovers – and curious people in general.

What’s your pleasure? Gorgeous streetscapes? Music history? Local lore? Great restaurants well off the beaten path? Quirky museums?

We can lead you to hidden treasure in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens...and show you the most delightful parts of Harlem and Greenwich Village.

Since 2001, SwingStreets has been helping visitors discover the best of the city. Our tours appeal to active folks determined to see, hear, smell and taste the things that make New York the world's most varied and exciting travel destination.